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A glass of white wine, grapes, purple fl

A good wine or something thought-provoking to sip, anything tasty to savour, and exploring the road less travelled are some of life's simple but great pleasures.

One of the aims of Sip Savour Explore is to share the pleasure and enthusiasm for any of these pursuits through a love of words and storytelling.

On the lookout for ideas and concepts that inspire, or might bring someone a moment of delight, there's a captivating synergy that lies behind every good story from the world of food, wine and travel...

Two Wine Cups

From wine and craft beer to cocktails or coffee, so much can be conveyed in just a sip... from cool thirst-quenchers to classic purveyors of provenance, discover the world of scintillating, ubiquitous and even innovative beverages... 

Foodie finds, through the 5 'taste modulators' of sweet, salty, sour, bitter and savoury or umami, it is often the type and balance of #ingredients that create moreishness and harmony through flavour... 
a spectrum of the palate.

Picnic with a View

Reflecting on tastes and travel is a sensory journey. Wines, craft beverages and foodie favourites from around the world are an innate part of a culture; what we imbibe is often the centrepiece of special moments and the ultimate pairing... so cheers, here's to celebrating eclectic epicurean adventures!

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